In California, discrimination based on religion is prohibited by the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”). It involves circumstances in which an employer treats an employee unfairly or unequally based on her or his religious beliefs or practices. It does not matter the type of religion an employee practices, it is illegal for an employer to violate certain protected rights involving the practice of religion in the workplace.

Under the FEHA, an employer is prohibited from discriminating based on religion on almost every employment practice, including hiring, firing, salary, wages, promotions and benefits. The law also protects employees who are married to someone who practices a particular religion from religious discrimination.

The law also requires employers to make accommodations for certain requests involving the practice of religion at work. This could involve, for example, an employee needing a specific time set aside for prayer or a private area for worship. If a requested accommodation does not pose an undue hardship to the employer, then the employer may be required to provide the accommodation.

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