Today, age discrimination is one of the most common types of discrimination to occur in employment. At Abrolat Law pc, we have extensive experience representing victims of age discrimination and can help you resolve your legal issues.

In California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act outlaws employers from discriminating against you based on your age if you are forty years old or older. For example, if you were over 40 and the most qualified candidate for the job, but the employer gave the job to a younger employee under age 40, you may have a claim for age discrimination.

Employers often use “layoffs” as a way to effectuate their discrimination. Some employers devise methodologies that target older workers when doing layoffs or terminations. Layoffs that only involve a few employees, or only one employee, can be suspicious.

If you suspect that you were terminated, laid off or denied a job because of your age, our attorneys can investigate your situation. One way to identify possible discrimination is to show that there was a disparate impact on older employees is by analyzing the number of older candidates who were hired or fired.

Another way to identify possible age discrimination is to evaluate remarks made by your employer. For instance, your manager may have made comments revealing a preference for younger employees. These comments include references to wanting to make the company look younger or getting rid of dead wood. Similarly, comments reflecting age stereotypes may be another indicator, such as references to an employee taking too long to do tasks or not being able to learn new things.

If you have heard phrases like this, this may suggest age discrimination.

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