Angel et al. v. Academy Automobile Insurance, Inc. et al. Settlement

The Class Action Settlement in the matter of Angel et al. v. Academy Automobile Insurance, Inc., et al., Case No. BC545021 has been preliminarily approved by the Court on June 15, 2018. This page provides information about relevant dates related to the settlement and key documents filed in the matter.

Upcoming key dates:

  1. Defendant shall submit the names and addresses of all Class Members by June 18, 2018 to the Claims Administrators;
  2. Notices to all Class Members shall be mailed no later than June 25, 2018;
  3. Plaintiffs’ Notice of Motion and Motion for Final Approval of Settlement, along with all evidence supporting request for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs, & Enhancement Fees shall be filed by July 25, 2018;
  4. The deadline for the Class Administrator to receive all Opt-Out notices and Objections is August 27, 2018;
  5. Class Administrator shall submit a Report of the results of notices of settlement sent to the class and any Objections submitted, no later than September 13, 2018; and
  6. Motion for Final Approval of Settlement Hearing is scheduled for September 27, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom 6.

Key Documents Filed with the Court in this Matter:

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