“Our goal is to provide the very best employment law services available.”

We are thorough, hard-working and most importantly, we truly care about obtaining that best result for you, our client.



Our lawyers have the skills and experience needed to give your case the attention and competence that it deserves.


Our reputation for thorough and meticulous legal work, successful results and willingness to go to trial works to the advantage of our clients.


We recognize that each client is unique and has different needs and goals.

Each case and each client is unique. We take the time to understand our clients’ issues and concerns so that we can explore all options available to them. With that understanding, we work with our clients to devise the best game plan for their individual situation. This process relies on our decades-long experience in handling employment law matters and our commitment to obtaining outstanding results for our clients. In carefully executing the game plan, we recognize the importance of investing the right resources and being thorough. We are experienced, dedicated, and effective. Let our passion and devotion work for you.

Our Background

Abrolat Law pc was founded by premier attorney Nancy Abrolat to offer exceptional employment law services to our family of clients. We are dedicated to working with our clients to determine their goals and then devising the best legal plan to accomplish those goals. Our tenacious dedication and vast experience allows us to provide our clients with truly outstanding results.

To this end, our clients enjoy the advantage of our defense background of having represented and defended Fortune 500 companies in a wide array of employment matters. Now representing employees, we help even the playing field when a large corporation violates our employment laws. We devote the same resources, energy and knowledge in our employee cases to enforce our employment laws. Our defense experience allows us to anticipate the strategies and approaches our adversaries are likely to utilize and to prepare for them in advance.


What Our Clients and Other Attorneys Say About Us:

Thanks, Nancy

I absolutely recommend Nancy to handle any employment or pay issues that you have. I was very happy and satisfied with the legal work that she and her office did for me. She really knows her stuff. Thanks, Nancy
– Anonymous
Attorney Abrolat recovered for me my overtime money and my coworkers

I had been working a lot of overtime, but my company said I did not get overtime and they never paid my coworkers either. Nancy explained that whether you get overtime is an issue of the law, not what the company decides. She was able to get the company to pay me my overtime for the hours they did not pay. I was really happy and needed the money. She got the company to pay my coworkers overtime.
– Anonymous
Attorney Endorsement
I've worked with Nancy, against Nancy and have referred several clients to her. I highly recommend her. She knows the law and stands up for her clients.
– Charles Peterson, Litigation Attorney
Attorney Endorsement
If you are looking for an experienced, smart, results-oriented attorney, I highly recommend Nancy. Everyone I have referred to her has always come back with great praise, so you can trust her.
– Samuel Freshman, Real estate Attorney
We were all happy with the legal services and how it ended

One day at work, a few of us got to taking about our boss making us work through our lunch breaks. We had to log out for an hour and they never paid us, but the boss kept making us work. I got a referral from my neighbor to Nancy and her firm. All of us went to the first meeting together. We hired Nancy and felt they did a great job. We all were happy with outcome.
– Anonymous


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