If you feel that your career has stalled out, especially while your male counterparts continue to advance to those higher-leave positions, like senior partner or vice president, you should consider whether glass ceiling issues are at work. Whether employed by a private employer or government entity, professional women with an established record of achievement and ability may encounter an invisible barrier or “glass ceiling” which prevents her from reaching the next level of success in her chosen field.

The United States Federal Glass Ceiling Commission defines the glass ceiling as the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. The glass ceiling metaphor has often been used to describe invisible barriers (“glass”) through which women can see elite positions but cannot reach them (“ceiling”).] These barriers prevent large numbers of women from obtaining and securing the most powerful, prestigious and highest-grossing jobs in the workforce. Moreover, this effect prevents women from filling high-ranking positions and puts them at a disadvantage as potential candidates for advancement.

Women who are most at risk of being held back by the glass ceiling include middle managers, partners, physicians, and department heads. While women in these position see their careers stagnate, their male colleagues’ careers continue to advance. There are industries which seem to continue to be plagued by the glass ceiling, including:

  • Financial services, such as banks, insurance companies, brokerages, and accounting firms.
  • Health care, including hospitals, clinics, private medical practices, medical research and HMOs.
  • Professional practices such as engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents.
  • Major corporations in industries from manufacturing to high technology Colleges and universities.
  • Government agencies, including police and fire departments.
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