Employers generally have a lot of discretion and leeway in how they pay, promote, hire and fire their employees. That is the nature of employment at-will laws, like in California. However, if any of these decisions are based on age, race, gender, national origin, heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, religion, veteran status or any other discriminatory factor, the employer may be violating the employee’s rights under state and federal law.

That’s where we come in. Abrolat Law pc provides experienced, dedicated legal representation for those who have been discriminated against. Our group of talented attorneys would be happy to assist you – all the way from preliminary questions to court. We represent Plaintiffs employment discrimination cases involving unfair treatment on the basis of the following:

Age →
Disability, Medical Condition, or Pregnancy →
Gender →
Glass Ceiling →
Race or National Origin →
Sexual Orientation →
Religion →
Veteran Status →

If you feel you are being treated differently based on a protected category, such as race, gender, age, disability, veteran status, give us a call at 888-872-8065. We are dedicated to fighting discrimination in the workplace and are happy to talk to you about whether you may have a discrimination claim with no obligation. All calls are confidential.